Michael Lau

Michael Lau (b.1970, Hong Kong) held his first solo painting exhibition at the Hong Kong Art Centre in 1993 and is more known to the world through his art toy series “Gardener” debuted in 1999 which had since travelled to many cities around the world. 

Widely known as the godfather of urban vinyl, Lau is being recognized as the pioneer who launched the urban vinyl trend starting in the 90’s in the article ’20 Trends Sweeping the Globe’ (Forbes, Jan 2008). The world witnessed the birth of a new form of art since the “Gardener” and the designer toy industry has changed under its influence ever since. The Gardener series, Crazychildren, S.F.C.C., mr. shoe collection together with his many collaboration with Nike, Sony and Diesel to name a few had made him a household name in the street art arena and to the crowd who appreciates pop culture. 

Lau’s world of art combines the ideals of fashion, sports, music, pop culture as well as languages that emerged from the street and beyond. His strong sense in character creation with his signature 3D brushstroke fueled passion in his works and epitomizes a rare breed of visionaries able to connect with an audience that has remained loyal over the years.