Guan Feng Dong

Guan Feng Dong is a self-taught painter. He is not bound by a traditional artistic education, which then helped form his uninhibited personality. In that regard, he is undoubtedly a genius. For this precocious young man, interpretation is a gift. All those years of supporting himself made him mature and streetwise beyond his years. In front of the camera lens, he would strip stark-naked and cover his privates with a cardboard box, and he would enjoy all of it. The kid of the moon quickly found his place in the world. It’s just like his typical style, the sharpest moon in this world.

Prince of the moon! His first private exhibit was set up by Xianting Li, before he turned 20. He is an absolute genius. Nobody knew where he was from or when he came about. In the future he would probably represent the true artist in the field. As soon as came to the scene, Xianting Li took note and planned his first exhibit, “Survival of the Symbol,” in 2006. His exhibit caught the attention of the four authoritative figures of the field artist scene, as well as interest and intrigue from the top F4 circle. This young kid who came out of nowhere suddenly became the young artist with the most potential. In the following months, he signed a contract and started on a peculiar journey.

This turned him into the hot topic among southeast Asian and European fund managers and collectors. The Prince of the Moon, low key in China, is a true star in Madrid. Even in the days of the financial crisis, Feng Dong was especially successful in the “Arco” of Madrid. His 19 works were snapped up within seconds, and bright red dots lined the wall of the exhibit hall, shocking fellow star painters previously known as kings of Arco.

Today, he still works in a large studio that is about to be demolished. Looking about, there is none around him. Perhaps the true artist needs to be alone to be successful. The Prince of the Moon, Feng Dong, is the ultimate limitless and true prince of the field.